About Us

I created CNC Poker after spending over five years managing bitB Staking – a hugely successful poker staking team lead by Patrick “Pads1161” Leonard, Sam “€urop€an” Vousden, and Tomi “elmerixx” Brouk. They have been great mentors for me over that period, and I’ve worked closely with them on a day-to-day basis, allowing me to learn indispensable knowledge and skills from three of the smartest minds in poker today. Now, I want to share that expertise with you, to help more players thrive in the game.

I’ve worked with players at all stakes ranging from playing $20-30 abi, up to crushing the Highest Stakes playing $300+ abi. I’ve managed players on extreme downswings who have returned to winning ways. Through the rollercoaster of emotions – with the highs and lows, I have gained the experience to help manage virtually any situation from the 100s of players I’ve worked with at all stakes.

Alongside the personal 1-1 experience, I have obtained both the knowledge and critical skills to analyse player performance at a superior standard – with my skills ranging from results and schedule analysis, to in-depth player stats reviews and Hand History checks.

Through my time spent in bitB, I’ve developed a strong network with some of the best poker players in the game today, and they’ve extended their trust in me by being a part of the CNC Poker team. If you want to improve your bottom line and maximise your potential, then we look forward to welcoming you on board.


Raymond Norton


Patrick “Pads1161” Leonard

“I’ve been in poker for 13 years now, and I’ve known Ray for almost all of that time, and he’s always striked me as somebody who understood things quickly. It was very attractive to ask him to come and work for us, because I knew he has an accountancy background, so I could expect good time skills and knew he would be reliable. Since then Ray definitely has been reliable 365 days a year, showing skills of leadership, improvisation and creativeness that means he can take a project, or take a piece of information and make it a project without needing his hand held or his work to be continuously iterated. If you have a project and need somebody to drive it, there is very few people in poker who could compete with the skills and expertise that Ray brings to the table.”

Sam “€urop€an” Vousden

“Ray has been working with me for the last 6 years and during that time he has been a key asset in analysing, mentoring, and understanding 100s of the top staked players in the world. I don’t say this lightly, but without him, we wouldn’t have been able to rise and arguably become the best staking team in the world for many consecutive years. Ray is hardworking, reliable, creative, and capable of admitting his mistakes, which is a rare trait and probably the best quality you can seek when looking to invest in a product. It guarantees he will always make sure you are dealt with fairly and not to just gain every bit of EV he can from you like a lot of people do. Ray brings out the best in people and being part of his community will not only take your poker game to the next level but change the way you see life. Having had many mentors and been at the center of a High Stakes poker community with some of the greatest minds in the game I know nothing more valuable than being part of the best community. If you want the actual best and top professionalism, you will get it with Ray and the team he has assembled, with top coaches such as Elmerixx who has never coached outside of bitB.”

Tomi “Elmerixx” Brouk

“I’ve worked closely together with Ray over the past six years. Ray has proved himself over and over again by being an extremely reliable and effective general manager for bitB staking. He played a crucial role in making sure the company’s day-to-day operations were run properly. I could not imagine bitB staking being the same without his contribution to the success of the company. He is also the first guy that I reach to if I have any problems I can’t solve on my own.”