Coach Strengths

  • Performance oriented
  • Ability to understand the player’s needs and provide them with the necessary tools to achieve their goals.
  • I seek a long-term vision, creating an annual performance plan to prioritize objectives according to the time of year.

Coaching Rates

  • $150 per 60 minute session
  • 10 sessions discounted to $1425
  • 15 sessions further discounted to $2025

Alan is a 34-year-old Performance Psychologist who is dedicated to helping individuals harness their potential in high-stress situations. Renowned for his honesty, humility, and ambition, his principles shape his interactions with clients, driving ethical, impactful results. With a rich background that spans over three years as a Performance Psychologist for high-stakes poker players and four-and-a-half years dedicated to esports players, Alan excels in tailored performance coaching. Born and raised in Argentina, Alan exudes a natural competitive spirit and deep-seated love for performance, sports, and competition. His driving passion is to empower others in realizing their full potential, and he takes great pride in assisting individuals on their path to success.