Coach Strengths

  • Great understanding of population tendencies
  • Ability to explain and present information in a simple understandable way
  • Proficient with most poker software/solvers

Coaching Rates

$200 per 90 min session, 5 sessions discounted to $900.

Tudor’s poker journey began roughly seven years ago, and it’s been a thrilling ride since. He’s always been a quick learner and has always enjoyed the competition. Even though he was climbing up the ranks relatively fast, he knew if he wanted to play poker professionally, he needed to evolve even quicker – so he started receiving coaching. Everything changed after joining bitB Staking and working with the team. His graph and his game skyrocketed and he was a member of the group until the summer of 2020 when we decided together that it would be in his best interest to play for himself. His biggest wins include a 3way deal in the Sunday Warm-Up for $70,000, 3rd place in a $530 scoop for $42,000, and 5th place in a $530 stadium series for $32,000, which he will be reviewing in his intro video. Here you can see his results for the last one year at $0-530 buy-in with over half a million dollars in profits: