Coach Strengths

  • Extensive knowledge on how population plays at stakes up to 109
  • Ability to identify when to make huge shifts from theory
  • Leak finding

Coaching Rates

  • $75 per 60 minute session

James is 29 years old living in York, England. He’s been playing professionally since October 2019 when he left his job as a Chartered Tax Advisor. He started playing poker at university through the Northumbria poker society (circa.2014), which he founded. Between then and going pro he focused on online, small field, low buy ins on predominantly UK only sites alongside working a full time job. Since becoming a pro he’s fully committed to the game putting in exceptionally high MTT volume and studying almost everyday whether that be hand reviews, paid courses, solver work, and coaching. He was very fortunate to have befriended some great likeminded players earlier in his career who have moved up the stakes alongside him over the last three+ years. Today he would classify himself as a high volume medium stakes grinder with a focus on small/medium size fields (sub 500). The last two years has been where his career has really taken off where he’s amassed circa.$275k in MTT profits on a $40abi (buy ins up to $215) with his largest score being $16k. He has been coaching now for over a year working with players ranging from $5-$40abi. His style of coaching has always been very well received as he focuses on a mix of solver based fundamentals in conjunction with proven exploitative adjustments. Here you can see James’ last two years results: