Coach Strengths

  • Bounty Tournament Specialist
  • Great knowledge and effective use of solvers.
  • Experience and knowledge about the low and mid fields and their trends. Working with a focus on solid and logical foundations that are easy to interpret for students.

Coaching Rates

  • $100 per 75 minute session
  • 5 sessions for $440
Bruno has been working professionally for over 6 years. Focused on tournaments and gradually increasing the limits, today he plays buy-ins of up to $530 but invests mainly in mid-stakes from $33 to $215. Bruno has been following players and working as a coach for over 4 years, training both in Brazil and abroad, with group and individual classes (1-1).

Specialist in Bounty tournaments, where he maintains an ROI above 25%, has great knowledge of the field and works effectively and intelligently with solvers. Bruno will definitely help you take a leap forward in your game.