Coach Strengths

  • Database analysis leak finding
  • Analyzing Player Tendencies Using Population Data
  • Exploting Player Tendencies on Low/midstakes

Coaching Rates

  • $50 per 60 minute session
  • $100 to provide Database Analysis and 60 minute session

Dan is from Ukraine and started his poker journey in 2018. He fell in love with the game right from the beginning and he has worked his way up the stakes from playing $3 MTTs to now grinding an ABI of $30+. He’s gained a lot of coaching experience from providing both 1-1 coaching and group sessions over the past two and a half years for a Russian speaking stable, he’s also fluent in English. He has a wealth of experience providing players with database analysis and MDA work, gaining a very good understanding of the low-mid-stakes playerpool, and has helped numerous players to build the fundamentals of a strong exploitative playing style! Here you can see his results for the past two years winning at 20% Total ROI: