Coach Strengths

  • Understanding solvers strategies
  • Applying solvers to exploiting real world opponents
  • Deepstack expert

Coaching Rates

Not available.

George began playing poker around eight years ago. When he was younger, he treated poker primarily as a means to travel the world and was fortunate enough to network with some great people at this time. It led him to create bitB Cash, which has dramatically helped take his game to the upper echelon. In 2019, he made over $100,000 profit at the tables, and this year he’s winning around $170,000 playing primarily in HSNL Cash Games. He’s lucky enough to regularly talk strategy with the very best HSNL cash players in the world today, and through a combination of this and his work at bitB, he has developed a robust framework for creating effective strategies in PIO land and the real world. While he coaches exclusively for bitB cash, he’s provided MTT coaching for bitB’s MTT team, mostly focusing on in-depth theory sessions in specific spots. Here you can see his year-to-date Cash Game results up to October 2020 with almost $150,000 in profits: