Coach Strengths

  • Teaching on a first-principles basis
  • Extensive experience in game theory
  • Exploitative approach to the game

Coaching Rates

George began playing poker aged 17 in home games with friends. As his curiosity for the game grew he discovered strategy articles and the 2+2 forum that led him to online poker at 18. After a year of depositing and grinding, he became a winning player at micro stakes Six-Max Cash Games, accumulating skills that would later lead to some of his biggest wins. While studying Business and Marketing at university, his obsession and passion for poker were being honed and developed as he began playing heads-up. Upon completing university, he sought out coaching and began battling Heads-Up under the screen name EATITPAL on PokerStars, trying to improve and rise through the stakes. He reached $5k Heads-Up and was regularly holding down tables there while battling the vast majority of players between $400 and $5k within two years of leaving university. Around 2017, his focus switched from Heads-Up to Six-Max No-Limit – the latter being the game he devoted most of his time to. Having had access to solvers ever since they first came on the market, he has expended many hours studying the minutiae of the strategies they develop and how to apply them in-game. Here you can see his Cash Game results for the past two years which doesn’t include a large part of his sample which is untracked, winning around 17,500 big blinds: