Coach Strengths

  • Commitment to student growth
  • Leak finding
  • Thought process

Coaching Rates

  • $40 per hour

Tomas resides in Buenos Aires Argentina and is 35 years old. He’s been playing poker since 2010. He started like most, playing microstakes and freerols and fell in love with the game. Since 2013 he started playing more professionally, at the end of 2015 he joined Standard Backing, where since 2018, in addition to being a poker player, he coached mirco, low and mid stakes. He always focused on multi-table tournaments because of how complex and challenging they are. This was not always easy, he had some ups and downs and that experience helped him a lot to teach students who went through similar situations. He loves to learn and continuously improve to achieve new objectives and goals. Here you can see Tomas’ last two years results: