Coach Strengths

  • Solid understanding of GTO principles
  • Very good with HRC and ICM adjustments
  • Hundreds of hours experience coaching micro and low stakes

Coaching Rates

  •  $40 per hour
  • 6 hours reduced from $240 to $200

Lelo Fernandes met Poker in 2010 playing with friends, and instantaneously got interested and dedicated to study. This became a regular practice as years passed, playing low buy-ins, met and joined a stable mid-2016, and since then has been collecting results like winning Big 22,33 pko 50k, 55 pko 50k, 50€ 75k gtd, among others. In the last 12 months he’s had a total ROI of 46% in 10K games. He is fluent in English and Portuguese, and here you can see Lelo’s results for $0-33 buyins: