Coach Strengths

  • PKO expert
  • Great understanding of population tendencies
  • Proficient with most poker software/solvers

Coaching Rates

$175 per 90 min session, 5 sessions discounted to $800.

Michael became a fan of poker during school, after stumbling across HSP/Poker After Dark on German TV, soon after starting 5-Card-Draw and NLHE home games. Years later, while playing poker for Diablo Gold, he met €urop€an and started grinding micro/low stakes MTTs. He enjoyed some early success. It wasn’t until bitB started that he began to take poker more seriously, moving up the stakes, and providing coaching for the team. When the knockout poker boom began, he was among the early adapters, trying to study and figure out the format. Today he considers PKO’s his main strength and has had consistent success at Mid-Stakes. Here you can see his last two years PKO results at $0-215 buy-in: