Coach Strengths

  • Find simple and quick ways for maximizing EV
  • Effective ways to study
  • Proficient with most poker software/solvers

Coaching Rates

5 x 90 min sessions are $1,250.

Nenad, better known online as ‘nomalice’, started playing MTTs professionally in mid-2015 with a $15 abi but struggled to make the jump above $30 abi for quite some time. In November of 2018, he decided it was time to improve himself as a player from every conceivable angle, so he joined bitB Staking and feels that was undoubtedly one of the best decisions he made in his professional life. When he joined, he was playing $40 abi, but after just a couple of months of quality mentorship and a lot of work with many crushers in the game, he rose through the stakes rapidly and was playing $200 abi the following April. As a member of the community, he’s had some amazing and life-changing experiences visiting Rio de Janeiro with the community and traveling with the team for his first EPT Main Event in Barcelona. He can help any mid-stakes grinder to improve their game, as he took that route recently himself. He has solid fundamentals and a broad perception of when and how to make proper adjustments, all of which he will share with the team.