Coach Strengths

  • PKO expert
  • Effective use of solvers
  • Understanding of population tendancies

Coaching Rates

$400 per 90 min session, 5 sessions discounted to $1,650, 10 sessions discounted to $3,000.

Patrick has progressed from playing the very lowest stakes in 2014 to playing and crushing $200+ abi over a large sample. With close to $700,000 profit, he is a model of consistency and has excelled particularly in the last few years in poker. Patrick was the head coach for bitB’s low-mid stakes team in 2018-2019 and therefore has a great deal of experience as a coach. In recent times, Patrick has been heavily focused on the theoretical side of Poker playing and retains an in-depth knowledge of solvers. He combines that with excellent general reads on the poker population, gained from his active presence at the tables, and focuses on study areas to generate higher EV. He’s a natural coach and someone with an immense passion for poker. Here you can see Patrick’s results over the last two years up to $1k buyins with over $600,000 in profits: