Coach Strengths

  • Leakfinding
  • Simplifying complex strategies
  • Identifying and adjusting vs different player profiles

Coaching Rates

  • $400 per hour

Stevan Chew is a distinguished online poker professional with an impressive track record, boasting over $3 million in profits since 2010. His poker journey began at university, where he started in low stakes games and diligently worked his way up to High Stakes. His dedication to mastering the game is evident in his extensive use of analytical tools, including PioSolver, Simple3way, and HRC, which have been instrumental in refining his strategies.

Among Stevan’s notable achievements are making it to the final table of the WCOOP Main Event with a remarkable $760k score, and a significant $705k score in the GG Super Millions Main. He’s a WCOOP champion and a BSOP Main Event winner. Beyond these personal triumphs, Stevan is passionate about the art of poker, especially in discussing strategies and mentoring emerging players. His commitment to sharing insights and experiences makes him an invaluable coach for those looking to navigate through the world of poker.