Coach Strengths

  • Explaining to students how and why a GTO (Game Theory Optimal) software functions
  • Experience working with and developing over 100 high-level players
  • Excel’s at analyzing database statistics and creating filters that target specific leaks

Coaching Rates

  • $50 per hour

Theo’s fascination for games and sports led him to the poker world in 2013 when he discovered the strategic depth behind this sport. He started by playing micro-stakes SNGs and MTTs online, gradually immersing himself in the game and dedicating himself entirely to poker. Along the way, he had the privilege of connecting with top players and being a part of various teams, which exposed him to diverse playing styles and strategies. Through relentless dedication and continuous study, his efforts began to bear fruit. He consistently achieved final tables in prestigious series such as WCOOP, SCOOP, and Monster Series events, as well as numerous impressive results in daily online tournaments during his first years with Standard Backing. He even achieved a remarkable $100,000 USD profit with an average buy-in of just $12. He’s enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and helping aspiring players reach their full potential. Here you can see his last three year’s results: