Coach Strengths

  • Breaking down complex PIO strategies
  • Quickly understanding what type of improvement a student should make
  • Clear instructions on how to improve

Coaching Rates

Up to 200NL: $330 per hour.

500NL+: $450 per hour.


Discounts available for booking 10+ hours.

Stefan has been playing poker for 12 years and during that time has been playing NL1k+ for ten years. His win rate has always been 6bb+, and his main game for the last seven years has been NL500-5k and sometimes a little higher. He started a CFP stable six years ago to enable students to move up from NL50-100 to NL5K. He has always been close to his students and loves working alongside them to help them achieve their goals and milestones. Having noticed an increasing demand for coaching per hour he now wants to commit the majority of his coaching hours to that format. Together we are confident that he and Julian are the perfect coaches for anybody willing to expend their effort to improve their game and climb up the stakes. Here you can see his year-to-date Cash Game results up to October 2020, winning over 30,000 big blinds: