Coach Strengths

  • Extensive knowledge of how population plays from buyins up to $55
  • Late game ICM with knowledge of playing as a big or short stack
  • Ability to stray massively away from theory to exploit weak regs/passive players

Coaching Rates

$45 an hour (including a private discord channel for me and my students)

Cameron’s a 27 year-old poker professional residing in Wiltshire, England. He began his poker career full-time in January 2021. Specializing exclusively in online Multi-Table Tournaments, playing across all sites available to play in the UK. He dedicates extensive time to high MTT volume and studying on a daily basis, collaborating with like minded peers for hand reviews, receiving personalizing coaching from High Stakes Profesional Patrick Brooks (thebigdog09) and engaging in preflop solving with HRC. Cameron has fostered valuable connections with like-minded players, including a close friendship with CNC Poker Coach ‘BinkusMaximus’ with whom he collaborates regularly on hand reviews and pre-session warm-ups. Cameron places a strong emphasis on game selection across all available sites ensuring optimal ROI. His approach to game selection and disciplined bankroll management has translated into a remarkable track record. In his coaching, Cameron’s style centers on population exploits tailored for low to mid-stakes players. He possess a robust understanding of theory, and strategically deviates when necessary. Cameron primarily focuses on low to mid-stakes MTTs across all sites, with his biggest score to date being $23,220 in a $109 vanilla tournament on 888poker.

Here is Cameron’s results since becoming a full-time MTT professional: