Coach Strengths

  • Understanding of strategic/solver concepts.
  • Read building and player profiling.
  • Redline/exploitative playstyle.

Coaching Rates

Not available.

In 2007 Uri became a Magic the Gathering World Champion, and soon after he turned his attention to High Stakes Poker. After registering for his first $100 MTT and battling existing regs, he had an “Aha!” moment when he realized that he possessed an intuitive understanding of how his opponents were approaching the game. Even watching some of the best coaches in the world, he felt he was able to spot and take advantage of mistakes in their otherwise solid strategies.

Since then, he’s proven the value of his personal approach with consistently stellar results in some of the world’s toughest online games. Even better, with the advent of modern solvers in recent years, and the availability of advanced computational solutions, Uri’s been able to formalize and perfect his exploitative approach, and has successfully taught many others how to put his winning ideas into practice. He has a great wealth of experience as a coach, and in 2015, co-founded the highly successful for-profit coaching group Guerrilla Poker.