Coach Strengths

  • Deep undestanding of midstakes population
  • Designing exploitative strategies vs different player profiles
  • Making group sessions interactive and fun for students on all levels

Coaching Rates

  • PM coach on Discord to discuss 1-1 coaching

Greg started playing poker during his university time in the UK around 10 years ago. He played over 100k MTT SNGs before transitioning fully to tournaments in 2020. Since his transition period he was running his own discord server which grew to quite a large one over time. He hosted hundreds of hours of free review sessions in a group setting on the server. His natural coaching talent and ability to explain concepts in a digestible way for players on all levels was quickly discovered by others. He got offered an outside coach position in an MTT stable and since joining the stable he never looked back and continued his coaching journey and is still actively coaching and running his own seminars. Greg splits his time equally between playing, coaching and studying the game. He currently plays $150 ABI and his main goal is to climb the stakes. He is a strong believer in ‘hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard’ that quickly became one of his favorite quotes. Here you can see Greg’s last three years results for $0-215 buyins: