Coach Strengths

  • Heads-Up
  • 3-Way play
  • Shortstack play

Coaching Rates

$150 per 90 min session, 5 sessions discounted to $650.

Alex has been playing Spin & Go’s on the highest available stakes for the past 5 years and he has created winnings of over $700,000 from those and proven to be a winner consistently throughout this time. Before his move to Spins he played MTT’s since 2011 and was a consistent winner there with a SCOOP victory being amongst his highest achievements. He started coaching players for Spins only 7 months after his first game there and taught in the biggest schools before becoming Head Coach at bitB’s Spin division and has vast experience in coaching and creating content in every form. Never before did he coach players outside of the schools he was a part of and for the first time will be available to students outside of them with CNC Poker mainly providing Heads-Up content focusing on MTT’s.