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Upon joining our team, you will receive ten high-quality coaching videos from some of the best players at Mid-Stakes & High Stakes online. You will then gain access to our private community with prime networking opportunities and high-level strategy discussion along with access to all of our payable services which we provide: Live Interactive Group Coaching Sessions, 1-1 Coaching Sessions, and player performance services. You can find out more about these here. View all services

You will be emailed a link to our private server after joining the team.

Once you join our team, you will have full lifetime access to everything we offer on our private website.

There will be four Live Interactive Group Coaching Sessions per week. These will vary between MTT sessions, and Performance and Mental Game Sessions.

See our coaches’ section and click on each coach to read their bios and see their recent results. We feel it’s imperative to be fully transparent regarding our coaches’ results to give you peace of mind that you’re investing in valuable coaching content from proven current winning players.

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Yes, everyone is welcome to join the team.

You can join our public Discord community and ask any questions you have there or contact us via the website.