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Win a lifetime membership giving you access to:

– Exclusive access to purchase elite coaching sessions and services from today’s proven winners.

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– Join a vibrant private community full of high-performing and highly motivated peers.

What Is CNC Poker?

CNCPoker was created with the vision of bringing together a community for professional and aspiring professional poker players centered around the idea of constant improvement to stay ahead of the competition and to excel at the game.

In that light CNC offers you exclusive access to purchase elite coaching from some of the most successful, currently winning, poker minds in the game today.

A membership also gets you exclusive access to our vibrant private community full of high-performing players, motivating each other to new levels every day.

High Stakes Coaches

Mid stakes Coaches


Upon becoming a member you will:

– Receive 10 high-quality coaching videos from some of the best players at Mid-Stakes & High Stakes online.

– Gain entry to our private community with prime networking opportunities and spirited strategy discussion.

– Get access to all of our payable services which we provide: Live Interactive Group Coaching Sessions, 1-1 Coaching Sessions, and player performance services.

You will be emailed a link to our private server after joining the team.

We produce four live interactive group coaching sessions per week aiming to cover all aspects of the theory side of poker, hand history and final table replayer reviews. Members have the opportunity to request topics they’d like us to cover as well as share hand histories to be reviewed by our coaches.

Yes, everyone is welcome to join the team. We already work with many stables, ask your stable managers if they offer CNC services as part of your deal.


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