Pro 1-on-1 Poker Coaching

Receive personalized coaching with direct guidance to improve your game from CNC Poker. We provide approved coaches with a wealth of experience, and proven results, at an affordable price.

poker coaching

Individual Focus

Coaches can identify and address fundamental issues that might be overlooked when studying more advanced topics, ensuring a strong foundation.

Personalized Attention

1-on-1 coaching offers personalized guidance tailored to the individual's specific needs, addressing their unique weaknesses and leaks.

Faster Improvement

Working with a coach helps players improve more rapidly compared to self-study, as they benefit from the coach's experience and insights.

Clear Communication

Coaches are skilled at explaining complex concepts in a clear and concise manner, making it easier for learners to grasp difficult ideas.


Customized Learning Plans

Coaches can develop customized learning plans to address a student's most pressing issues, maximizing their EV in poker.

Solver Assistance

While solvers are crucial, coaches can help students understand solver outputs, underlying theories, and patterns, facilitating a quicker learning process.

Guidance and Direction

Coaches provide immediate guidance, direction, and tailored advice, offering real-time assistance.


1-on-1 coaching allows flexibility in both timing and topics, enabling students to focus on their specific struggles and progress at their own pace.

Personal Connection

A 1-on-1 coach offers a personal connection, allowing students to discuss ideas, hands, and questions outside of formal sessions.

Being Heard

Working 1-on-1 ensures that the student's needs are heard and understood, creating a supportive learning environment.