Here at CNC Poker, we provide an elite coaching community team to enable you to elevate and maximise your potential.

What is CNC Poker?

When you choose CNC Poker, you will gain exclusive access to purchase elite coaching from many of the most successful poker minds in the game – all of whom are proven current winning players in online MTTs. You can have 100% confidence in the methods they teach – as each coach has the results to substantiate their reputation. And what’s more? You will also be part of a private community full of high-performing individuals who will motivate you to push yourself to new levels every day.

The CNC Poker model

Upon joining our private community, you will have the freedom to choose which content you personally find valuable, as well as having access to highly sought-after knowledge and expertise. There is no fixed monthly price that you must pay to gain access; instead, you only pay for the content you want. With our model, the coach is heavily incentivised to produce the best content every session – that’s because the more popular the content is, the more people will attend their session, resulting in more profit for the coach. This guarantees consistent high-quality coaching for you, and we believe that this is the best way for you to get the most value from us as a team.

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Our MTT team

Our MTT Team is comprised of coaches who are all crushing it in today’s games, providing unparalleled support across many strategic pillars – including Live Interactive Group Coaching Sessions and 1-1 Coaching Sessions. See our Coaches page for more information on each coach.


Our team of expert coaches is committed to helping each member of the community reach their full potential. Our team is made up of 20 coaches selected from around the world who can give you the best support in Mid stakes, High Stakes, Cash games and Mental game.

High Stakes Coaches

Mid stakes Coaches

This Week’s Coaching Schedule

OneH1tWonder – How I Approach Mystery Bounty Bubbles

Michael will give a brief overview concerning pure-itm-bubbles in Vanilla, PKO, and Mystery Bounty MTTs and then delve deeper into the Mystery format and discuss different logical and technical ideas of estimating Risk Premiums with HRC.

Random Chu – OOP C-bet Strategies: Comparing & Contrasting Heads-Up vs Multi-Way (Note session starts at 20:00 CET)

Stevan will be looking at OOP c-bet strategies for both heads-up, and multiway pots. Stevan will examine a flop subset and compare and contrast the two strategies to identify common heuristics to simplify our approach to c-betting multiway. From there, we will do a deep dive into a few interesting boards to identify what areas we, or our opponents, may be missing.

Phemo – Big Blinds Response vs IP’s Triple Barrel

Following on from part one early in this schedule, Triple Barrelling vs Big Blind, in this session, Phemo will explore big blind’s river strategy after having called a flop and turn c-bet. We will explore GTO mechanics, call down and value thresholds on different textures, and briefly touch on lead strategies.

Vlada2108 – Powerjam Strategies: Polarized River Ranges With 3-4x Pot

Vlada will be looking into attacking capped ranges, and when to go for 300-400% pot bets. He will compare playing vs EP and vs BTN, taking a closer look into hand selection and blockers.

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Patrick “Pads1161” Leonard
“I’ve been in poker for 13 years now, and I’ve known Ray for almost all of that time, and he’s always striked me as somebody who understood things quickly. It was very attractive to ask him to come and work for us, because I knew he has an accountancy background, so I could expect good time skills and knew he would be reliable. Since then Ray definitely has been reliable 365 days a year, showing skills of leadership, improvisation and creativeness that means he can take a project, or take a piece of information and make it a project without needing his hand held or his work to be continuously iterated. If you have a project and need somebody to drive it, there is very few people in poker who could compete with the skills and expertise that Ray brings to the table.”
Sam “€urop€an” Vousden
“Ray has been working with me for the last 6 years and during that time he has been a key asset in analysing, mentoring, and understanding 100s of the top staked players in the world. I don’t say this lightly, but without him, we wouldn’t have been able to rise and arguably become the best staking team in the world for many consecutive years. Ray is hardworking, reliable, creative, and capable of admitting his mistakes, which is a rare trait and probably the best quality you can seek when looking to invest in a product. It guarantees he will always make sure you are dealt with fairly and not to just gain every bit of EV he can from you like a lot of people do. Ray brings out the best in people and being part of his community will not only take your poker game to the next level but change the way you see life. Having had many mentors and been at the center of a High Stakes poker community with some of the greatest minds in the game I know nothing more valuable than being part of the best community. If you want the actual best and top professionalism, you will get it with Ray and the team he has assembled, with top coaches such as Elmerixx who has never coached outside of bitB.”
Tomi “Elmerixx” Brouk
“I’ve worked closely together with Ray over the past six years. Ray has proved himself over and over again by being an extremely reliable and effective general manager for bitB staking. He played a crucial role in making sure the company’s day-to-day operations were run properly. I could not imagine bitB staking being the same without his contribution to the success of the company. He is also the first guy that I reach to if I have any problems I can’t solve on my own.”