Our Services

See below for information regarding CNC Poker’s current services along with our prices.

Live Interactive Group Coaching Sessions

Our group coaching sessions are fully interactive throughout so you can engage with the coach live during the session. They’re comprised of 90 minutes of content, followed by a Q&A section to finish. All members who sign-up for our sessions gain lifetime access to watch the coaching in their own time in their private video library, and we have a summary channel for every session to ask the coach any questions post session. 

Group Coaching Session Prices


Interactive attendee

High Stakes Coaches Hand History Review

Interactive attendee

High Stakes Coaches Theory Session

Interactive attendee

Mid-Stakes Coaches Hand History Review

Interactive attendee

Mid-Stakes Coaches Theory Session

Interactive attendee

Performance & Mental Game Coaches Session

Interactive attendee

Weekly & monthly passes are also available.

1-1 Coaching Sessions

The coaches will share their availability for 1-1s in our booking system. Once you join the community, you can book a private 1-1 session with each CNC Poker coach. For all 1-1 session prices, see the coaches’ bios.

Other Services

I have more than five years of experience working with players at all buy-in levels while managing bitB Staking. I will provide specific services in the community which I think are the most valuable to poker players from all of my time working with 100’s of players:

Results Analysis

When you review your results, it’s crucial to analyze them accurately and critically to see the bigger picture of how you are winning and losing money. Your results can have a considerable effect on your confidence levels and your mood, which can either help or hinder your overall performance at the tables. I’ve yet to meet anybody in poker who is 100% immune to the effect their results can wreak on their quality of performance, which is why I feel it’s so important that this is done correctly. I will produce a presentation to show you an in-depth review of your results, which I have experience doing for 100’s of players at all stake levels.
Hours spent by me – Three hours.
Cost – $150

Schedule Analysis

It’s my opinion that good game selection continues to be one of the most undervalued skills in poker. It can be a huge factor in your career’s longevity, as playing the wrong stakes and being overly aggressive with game selection can be terminal. I will analyze your schedule in detail and advise you on any potential games you should consider skipping, as well as the good value games you miss from your playing schedule.
Hours spent by me – Three hours.
Cost – $150

One-month Mentoring Program

I will create a private 1-1 channel with you, providing you with all the necessary guidance and support you need for 31 days. You can choose from any of the services I offer, as well as enjoying the benefit of daily 1-1 interaction via private chat or calls to support you. That support can range from maximizing your performance, improving your in-game approach, dealing with a downswing, staking queries, helping with money trades, and much more. My primary responsibility for the past five years has been to provide my full support and serve as a unique insight to 100’s players with whatever they require – and I believe with my experience, I can guide you to perform at your best.

Hours spent by me – Between 10-12 hours.
Cost – $500

As I’m more than confident in my ability to provide high-quality work for the community, I’m offering a 100% refund on all of my services if you for some reason feel that it wasn’t the best value for money. The refund will be in the form of a credit, which you can use on Live Interactive Group Coaching Sessions or 1-1 Coaching Sessions. This offer applies to the following services: Results Analysis, Schedule Analysis, and my One-month Mentoring Program.